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     LeReve is always looking for a beautiful dream and a wonderful vision by offering healthy and safe S.S faucet for kitchen, bathroom and home use.
          About LeReve
      Brand Concept
         "LeReve" means beautiful dream in French. We need a beautiful dream for a healthier life and bright future. For healthy life we need clean air, safe water and bright sunshine. For safe water we need stainless steel faucets for all water passage area, and this is all what "LeReve" about.
         "LeReve" is procuring after a beautiful dream for human life by providing safe water for home use through fashionable equipments especially for kitchen, bathroom and vanity top.
        "LeReve" is always commited to produce green and eco products for better environment protection. One-body constructed S.S 304 faucet is in graceful satin finish. It remains original and natural S.S finish.
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