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     Points of difference in the LeReve faucet; LeReve develops advanced ceramic structures and manufacturing processes that enable the production of water system
     components that are more economical, safer and greener.
          About LeReve
      Brand Concept
Total satisfaction:
        To meet the total satisfaction of our customers, “LeReve” will keep on up-grading and improving both quality and service.
Non-stop R & D:
        LeReve is committed to a non-stop upgrading in research & development. This applys not only to the products design but also to all the related engineering mfg process through non-stop R&D , we aim at producing the best Engineered faucets on earth.
Quality Assurance:
        100% real S.S 304- A metal for food industries. 100% No Lead / No Arsenic/ No Cadmiun/ No Patina/ No Bismuth. 10 years guarantee in functionality.
On-line consultation: Tel: +86-512-52842057  Miss Tao: 18913672556    Mr Huang: 18913672688 E-mail: natashawang@fairwaypic.com   yevonhu@fairwaypic.com
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