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     We have 34 years manufacturing experience in S.S investment casting and S.S NC machining.
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      Brand Concept
        Suzhou Fairway Precision Industrial Corp. was located at No.9 Suzhou Road, Changshu High&New Tech Industrial Park, Changshu City, Shuzhou. Factory areas is about 40 Chinese acres(26,640㎡), total completed building area in phase one is 17,130 in 5 buildings. Pilot run and mass production began from Sep.9,2010.
        We specialized in S.S hardware such as impeller and diffuser for
submersible pump, S.S faucet parts, volute, quick coupling, valve bodies for "Imperial pump" , "Toyo", "Kitz" in Japan, Buck-Algonquin Co., Clack Corp., Franklin Electrics, Pentair Water and so on in USA.
        For about 34 years' mfg experience in investment casting and NC machining, finally we have successfully developed the ceramic injection molding (CIM) process and related technology to be able to make the CIM cores capable of taking high temperature up to 1800℃ during casting process. The CIM core allows us to make any castings with hollow center, under cut, multi-chamber, thinner, deeper or complex cavities, that are usually in terms of pattern de-molding, or inner cavities that are generally not reachable in slurry dipping or inner shell layers that have difficulties in drying and curing process. In addition, our cutting–edge technology in investment casting and state-of-the-art facilities are incorporate in our in house manufacturing process and includes an automatic PLC wax injection work station, automatic wax recycle and supply system, shell heating furnace and CIM injection machine.
        Our in house capability and facility include tooling design, tooling engineering, tooling mfg and NC machining facilities.
On-line consultation: Tel: +86-512-52842057  Miss Tao: 18913672556    Mr Huang: 18913672688 E-mail: natashawang@fairwaypic.com   yevonhu@fairwaypic.com
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