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     What Lereve can serve us is low-carbon, energy-conservation, lead-free life, environment-protection and future-benefiting.
          About LeReve
      Brand Concept
        One drop of water seems insignificant, but many drops of water can make an ocean.
        Water is the source of human' s life. Nowadays, fresh water in the world only takes up 2.5% of the whole water source. However the actual fresh water that human can use only takes up 0.26% of all the whole water in the world. Water saving is in everyone’s life. To be safer and eco-friendly, it starts with LeReve.
        Nowadays, 99% of the faucets are made of brass alloy, then tripled plated to a shiny surface. Electroplating process produces secondary water pollution to the environment; in addition, pits and corrosion may raise from the brass substrate through the plating layers after 2-3years of normal use.
         In order to meet the eco requirements stipulated by RoHs and EPA, mostof the brass faucet manufacturers have been using oxalic acid to wash away the lead contents from the surface of the internal chamber, and then claim that these faucets are "low lead"or "lead free".
        However, the lead contents existing inside the faucet body will sooner or later leach out to the surface of the water passage area. From the view point of long-term use for a brass faucet, it will still contain the lead, which is extremely harmful to human body' s safety. Furthermore, for better castability and easier machining, a chemical element named "Bismuth" is added into the brass alloy during the alloying process, but no matter how minor a percentage it is, the fact that Bismuth can cause feelings of depression and tiredness.
        In the meantime, safe water supplying facilities bring the safer and healthier life experience for every member of the family.
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