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      LeReve owns international top technology team which grasps global fashion and design in time, gains the fashion information of the world bathroom products rapidly to
      create the faucets with beautiful appearance, simple fashion, so LeReve stands in the front rank of the market. We do our best in the designing, raw material purchasing,
      manufacturing, sales and after-sales to guarantee every product not only a competitive product, but also the perfect idea that LeReve pursues. LeReve is always bringing
      consumers more comfortable feelings!
          Exquisite Workmanship
      Workmanship comparing
      Product design & development
      International team
Donald Sun
——R&D and Manufacturing
    Donald, majored in physics science, has more than three decades of manufac-turing experience in investment casting and over twenty international patents.
Mark Vilimek
——CEO USA Headquarter
    Mark has eighteen years of business operations in global marketing and finance leadership experience in the worlds leading technology companies.
Patrik Wijkstrom
——Marketing & Design
    Patrik brings in European design to the team has more than twenty years of experience in marketing with leading brand name companies.
Joe Henson
——Sales Operations
    Joe has lead highly successful sales teams for major international companies, always achieving great financial success in sales, and often exceeding customers’ expectation.
Frank Gojny
——Metalurgist R&D
    Dr. Frank Gojny, a Metalurgist with 30 years experience in the development of advanced alloy for metallurgical alloy and CIM core to produce hollow center and under cut construction of faucet body through HCCT process.
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