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          Exquisite Workmanship
      Workmanship comparing
      Product design & development
      International team
        • 2D Design :CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator;
        • 3D CAE: 3DMAX, UG, Solidworks;
        • 3D CAM: Cimatron, Power mill;
        • A-1. S.S models for Building Industries design.
        • A-2. 8" Diffuser modeling design.
        • A-3. Faucet body for Bathroom and Kitchen.
Models are produced on our PLC
• Auto-mated controlled processes.
• Upper and lower die closure &opening Dies with RH&LH Actuation.
• Computer controlled operation: Pressure control, die clamping, wax injection, wax pattern, pin ejectors, Die temperature control, wax temperature cooling control.
•  Results:Stability in cast parts and dimensional tolerance control.
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